High Definition Audio controller driver refuses to install

hello all

my computer has stopped playing any form of sound from it. Right now in the taskbar, theres a speaker icon with an x through it that says "No Audio Output Device Is Installed". Ive checked device managed and everything is working perfectly except for the 2nd High Definition Audio Controller listed. Theres a yellow exclaimation mark triangle through it that says code 10 (device cannot start), and then i investigated further and it said problems with PnP. Ive tried to reinstall it many times, restarted my laptop over 5 times and virus scanned my laptop over 10 times now. Im running windows 7 64bit.
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  1. for some reason, whenever i attempt to reinstall it, it just says installation unsucessful
  2. heres the faulty driver, but reinstalling it always fails


    can someone please help, starting to get very irritated by lack of sound :L
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