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i have two geforce gtx 670 running but will not run into GEN3 Mode will only work with GEn1 MODE. I but this motherboard for gen 3 to use with new graphics cards. How can i get Gen 3 to work with this card? when the card is se3t on gen3 the card wont power to the screen i have to scale down to gen1 for it to work. i tested with two geforce gtx 670 that i tested on another machine in gen 3 fine. Aso i had a old 6870 that ren in gen 3 mode. Please assist as i need this motherboard to work and dont want to RMA the board for a diffrent brand.

Model Name : GA-Z77X-UD3H(rev. 1.0)
M/B Rev : 1.0
BIOS Ver : F9
Serial No. :
Purchase Dealer :
VGA Brand : galaxy Model : geforce 670
CPU Brand : Intel Model : 3570k Speed :4.2 GHZ
Operation System : Win 7 64-bit SP :
Memory Brand : Corsair Type :
Memory Size : 8GB Speed : 1600
Power Supply : 1250 W
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Use the latest GPU-z - and if an option in the BIOS make sure PCIe version 3 is enabled.

    **Also, IF the GPU is IDLE it will clock down to 1.1 so click on the '?' next to the 'BUS Interface' and quickly run a render then look again **

    Also make certain that you are NOT using the bottom PCIe slot, use only the (2) closets to the CPU and if one GPU then the TOP PCIe closets to the CPU.

    BIOS if needed:
    Init Display First -> PEG
  2. There is an option on the board to make sure it goes in gen1 gen2 and gen3. the only option that works is gen1 mode. i am using the slot closest to the cpu and the one right next two it for gtx 670 in sli.
  3. As above, read again -> **Also, IF the GPU is IDLE it will clock down to 1.1 so click on the '?' next to the 'BUS Interface' and quickly run a render then look again **

    To conserve power the PCIe Bus will drop to 1.1 from 2.x or 3.x, click the '?' to run the render. This is like your CPU dropping from 4.2GHz down to 1.2GHz assuming you didn't disable your C-States.

  4. still only running in gen1 mode both cards are in 8x
  5. Is/Are the monitor(s) connected directly to the GPU or one of the onboard video ports? Also did you install Lucid Virtu? Are you using the latest nVidia WHQL drivers?

    IF SLI then also make sure the bridge in properly connected and in the nVidia Control panel select (*) Maximize 3D Performance; enables SLI.

    nVidia - ; 301.42 - WHQL
  6. Yep got the newest driver and installed lucid virtu. I cant seem to get gen3 mode to work on this motherboard with a gtx 670. when using a radeon 6970 it works while in gen 3 mode. seems like an issue with the motherboard though.
  7. Some of the GTX 600 series (GTX 680 and GTX 670) have PCIe 3.0 disabled on LGA 2011/SB-E requiring a registry mod due to ongoing validation issues with nVidia. The AMD HD 7000 series didn't play the PCIe 2.0 vs 3.0 game.

    IF the monitor(s) are connected to the MOBO's onboard video and/or perhaps with Lucid nVidia might be downgrading the PCIe bus.

    Try uninstalling Lucid and only connecting the monitor directly to the GTX 670.
  8. its such a wierd problem hooking it directly to a 670 the card will not display on boot before a driver can be initialized in windows 7. Im wondering if i should just buy a diffrent board. i saw something online stating the msi had proof that most of the gigabyte boards didnt support gen3. But also a note when i switch to gen2 on the board the gfx cards boot up but when in windows 7 the machine just lucks up. thank you for the help =)
  9. As above, in the BIOS Init Display First -> PEG and then on the GPU try both DVI ports.
  10. When in gen3 mode the first PCI express slot by the CPU will not be detected in windows but the 2nd port is seen.
  11. Under M.I.T Miscellaneous settings PEGO -GENX will only work on GEN1 And now GEN2 Under Gen3 or Auto this setting will not power on the geforce gtx 670
  12. Seems like a problem for Gigabyte to solve in a future BIOS revision. Suggestion, either return the Gigabyte MOBO for an ASUS Z77 or RMA the MOBO to the reseller/retailer if within the time period (generally 30 days).
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