CPU cooler needed for my rig

Hey all,

I built my system a couple months back, it is not the most high end but it does the job, I was just wondering what CPU cooler you all would recommend, I am in Canada so if it is possible to check with newegg.ca or tigerdirect.ca, it would be great.
And to clear things up, I have overclocking in mind.

Biostar TH55B HD
Intel Core i5 760
12GB PC3-12800
Powercolor ATI Radeon 6850
650W Cooler Master PSU
1 TB WD Caviar Green
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  1. Coolermaster Hyper 212+. Look at the reviews and it's relatively cheap. Great cooler.
  2. yeah that was the one i wanted but everything is either out of stock or too expensive with the shipping because of the canada post strike
  3. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5267687&CatId=499

    If you're looking at cooling products to start upgrading your system, get this. It's awesome. Corsair H Series Liquid CPU Cooling Units. There's a cheaper one than this in most TigerDirect stores. The H20 goes for like 50 - 60 bucks and it's better than the most expensive fan you could ever buy simply because it draws the heat straight out of the system. If you just feel like buying a fancy fan that looks cool then don't bother with it, but if you're cooling for a reason than this is all you need.
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