Need help with eyefinity 3 monitor setup, only giving option for 2x1.

Hi, I just very recently bought a ATI 6970 2GB, it has 2 dvi ports, 2 mini display ports, and 1 display port on the back of the card. I am trying to setup "eyefinity" but it is not working. Please look at the following information below on my monitors and accessory specs below.

I have (2)
Dell S2409W - 24inch monitor

and (1)
HannsG Hi221D - 22inch monitor

I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 with 4GB ram.

All three monitors are DVI. I have DVI cables for them all. I have them all setup next to each other. Now the Hanns.G is plugged into a Mini Displayport that I got offline from
This is the link to the product.

Everytime I try to do the eyefinity, it only allows me to select 2x1 or 1x2. It will not show 3x1 or 1x3 as I've seen on youtube videos and other urls online.
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  1. anyone?
  2. Here's one of the reviews for the adapter you purchased:

    Pros: Fairly high quality overall. Close in design to an Apple product, but clearly not up to par in fit and finish.

    Cons: One of the screw nuts used to secure the attaching DVI-D cable was loose in the package. It was easy to reattach, and the screw was not stripped. It looks like it was never properly tightened in the factory.

    I was one of the first to purchase this item along with my new ATI EyeFinity video card. That was before I learned about all the passive/active DisplayPort adapter nonsense. Turns out ATI decided to save some cash by only including 2 RAMDACs on their 6 output video cards, so external signal converters need to be placed between the DisplayPort OUT and a monitor's DVI IN or one of the display channels will automatically be used by the video card. i.e. a maximum 2 displays can be on at any time with EyeFinity UNLESS you either have DisplayPort monitor's OR you are using active converters.

    TL DR You cannot use this with ATI's EyeFinity!

    Here is a link to the AMD Approved list of adapters:

    -Wolf sends
  3. You need an "active" display port adapter for Eyefinity. ATIs' support list is out dated. Look for these, or similar:
    Make sure that whatever you choose is labeled active and ATI Eyefinity approved.
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