Monitor Issue ( screen turns black after a few seconds )

Hi hoping you guys can help me with an issue.

I have a Samsung monitor I've bought around 1.5 years ago, been working perfectly til today, when it went dark and then the screen turned black. I switched the monitor off and on again and the same thing happened, the monitor displays the desktop for around 2 seconds and then turns black, however the monitor is still switched on. Doing that repeatedly results in the same thing, meaning the desktop is still there, just that the monitor keeps turning black. I've called technical support and they said they would get back to me, but in the meantime is there anything I could do to fix it? Simple precautions that I might have missed... thanks in advance
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  1. Not the right section
  2. I have the same problem , also Samsung monitor , it says its on but screen is off (completly off , i can see nothing ) , hit me up if you get some usefull info :/
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