Gaming Headphones for under $150

I am looking to get a pair of headphones, mostly for gaming.

I don't game that much right now, but when I buy my system, I will be playing D3, BF3, GW2, and Skyrim.

My budget is $150 max, I am no pro gamer, so I don't need the absolute best, just some good headphones for gaming. Prefer wired since they have better sound quality, and I won't be moving around.

I have the Asus Xonar DX 7.1 sound card, and will be plugging my headphones into my Dayton dta-100a mini amp.
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  1. to be honest, go somewhere like pc world (i think walmart does it in america)

    and actually listen to the music, me im a musician so a lot of headphones make me cringe and i cant use them

    most people havent trained there ear to pick up subtle differences so they cant tell the difference

    do you mean headphones or a headset

    a headset has a microphone in it,

    for headphones senhiser hd 215's are good, there bass isnt as heavy as a lot of headhpones but there reasobly well balanced
  2. I love my logitech G35. Sound quaility is awesome (at least to me, but then again I do have some hearing loss), The cord is long, but has a velcro strap to hold the cable shorter if desired (I can reach the fridge w/ my laptop on the coffee table or bedroom bed of my current hotel room) and the headset is comfortable for extended use *cough* Skyrim *cough*. Also has built in voice morph (via software driver) if you want to mess with people on vent/skype.
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