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I'm looking to put some insulation inside my computer case ( HAF 922 ). I route most of my wires behind the steel layer that holds the motherboard. These wires have unused sata and molex connections. I believe that these are sitting against the steel layer and the side panel. When my CPU fan speeds up I can hear this annoying hum/buzz sound and I think it is the sata/molex connectors slightly vibrating against the steel.

So, I thought maybe putting a thin layer of insulation inside against the panel would help get rid of the noise. I'm looking for any recommendations on insulation from anyone who has experience insulating their case. Thanks for your help.
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  1. You can use electical tape to tape the connectors together and to a panel. If you want insulation material you can buy sheet audio sound insulation at a local audio installers or online.
  2. I originally had electrical tape holding down some key points. But it seems from possibly the heat and small vibrations the tape had come loose. Ill check out the "sheet audio sheet insulation" you mentioned. Can that typically be bought in thin pieces?
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