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Hello, im a mac user looking to go back to pc. I wanted to build a desktop that is comparable to the new 2011 imac for speed and stabilty. Looking only to run pro audio applications so also need the build to be quite and efficient. I have some ideas just wanted to see what you think out there. Looking to spend around $1200 or less i don't need a monitor.
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  1. Amory,

    ASRock Z68 Pro3: @ $120
    i5 2500K @ $225
    RAM 8MB @ $85
    128 GB SSD @ $200
    Corsair Graphite 600 T Case @ $150
    Corsair 650 TX PSU @ $75
    Nvidia GTX 560 ti @ $250
    Antec H20 620 CPU cooler @ $70

    $1175. Exclusive of OS, keyboard, mouse.

    Some adjustments can be made. If you don't contemplate overclocking you can go down to the i3 2100 CPU. The GPU is very good but may be overkill as it is for gaming. You could run the iGPU and throw out the GFX card. You can add a sound card like the Creative Titanium X-fi.
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