AA override works for No AA games and doesnt work for AA enables game?

Hello Toms community,

I just finished my rig and everything is working sweet with my 2 gtx 560s in SLI
I installed both NFS shift and NFS hot pursuit.
I run both games on max settings (with shift being on AA 8x)
And what I know is that NFS hot pursuit has no AA or AF settings. So i go into the nvidia panel and override setting the AA to 8x and yes it does work for hot pursuit.
Start up shift again, and good to see no change as it is still set at 8x within the game, however when i set the AA back down to 0x in shift, it gets jagged again (suggests to be application controlled instead of nvidia).

My question is, is AA override in the nvidia control pannel application specific? In otherwords, it only works on games that actually have no AA settings, and doesnt work once it detects a game that has AA settings?

I am asking this because if the above answer is yes, then i dont have to keep going into the control panel and changing settings for some games where I want the AA to be 4x instead of 8x to reduce lag, like crysis or something.

I hope I make some sense.

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  1. Righto, it has been a while and no answers, so during that time ive had a go myself in answering this, so maybe i could be some help to people who have read this and share a similar intrigue.

    I set my nvidia settings to override with 8x AA.
    Played shift with in game 8x AA on, sure it looks good.
    Played hot pursuit, noticed the 8x AA, must be driver driven by the nvidia settings.
    Went back to shift and turned to 0x AA, and i got higher fps and jaggies came back.

    Did the same thing to crysis, have 0x AA on in the app once, then 8x AA on in the app once, while leveing the override at 8x AA. Appears to be application driven as jaggies come back out at 0x AA.

    So My conclusion:

    Override function in the nvidia display panel only occurs is it detects the game/application to have no AA function itself. So in that sense it doesnt "override" as the term suggests that an in game setting of 0x AA would still appear as 8x AA (driver driven) and this is not the case.

    I got these from looking at changes in fps and visuals.

    I hope my observations are correct, if I am wrong, then I urge someone to correct me.

    Cya all.
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