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i am trying to connect my computer to a router so i can share its internet connection to my ipod touch and i keep running into the same problem that is i need an internet modem because i have a usb powered modem that runs off my computer. the usb modem runs off cell phone internet. i live in the middle of nowhere so i can't get dsl/ cable and we will get satellite internet later on next year. so i am stuck with this. so could you give me some help with setting it up without an internet modem
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  1. no not that kind of internet. i need to share my usb internet modem from my computer to the router then to my ipod. i cant just go off and buy stuff.
  2. Sorry, but you bought the wrong type of router. You need one that Will accept your USB cellular modem.
  3. my friend shares the internet the same way i want to but he doesn't know his dad does. he works 7 to 10 so he cant tell me hes always gone
  4. He must have setup Windows Internet Connection Sharing.
  5. so could you help me do that cause i am usually descent but i am stuck when it comes to networking
  7. i have already searched there, bing and yahoo in every term i know.
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