My computer user name shows as "hec" . . how i can change it ?

i am using win 7 for my new gaming build . . and the problem is that the user name shows as "hec" !
this is my desktop location : C:\Users\hec\Desktop
i am asking for any help to delete all the users accounts . . even "guest" user account and change the only account that am using it to my a name i chose :)
thanks . .
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  1. yes you must put your own name then it shows your.
  2. Type users in the search/run box.

    You'll have to create the new account, give it full admin rights then delete the other accounts.
    If I remember rightly you can't delete the guest account, but you can disable it.
  3. i already have an account with my name and admin rights from :
    Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts
    but it still shows as "hec"
    also when i open C:\Users i find 4 : guest, hec, public, updatusUser
    and the "hec" acound folder i is with a lock . . a little golden lock around the folder
  4. Under Computer Management you should be able to delete the local users.
    Delete the profiles (I think its on the Users menu/dialogue) as well.
    As log as you logged in as an administrator you should still be able to access and delete folders with a lock on them.
    If I remember correctly you just get a little prompt box.
  5. i have opened "computer management" and i deleted the user updates account which not necessarily . . now i have 3 accounts "hec , guest , administrator"
    now the hec acount has all my files and the administrator shows as "public" in c/users . . folder
    so what am asking is how i can move all the files in the computer account hec to account administrator so i can delete the hec account . .
    and i already named my computer "Hameem" and when i try to change the account name to "Hameem" it says it can't be the same same as the computer name ;(
    thanks . .
  6. so the only way is reinstall your OS.
  7. xtreme5 said:
    so the only way is reinstall your OS.

    What ? :ouch:
  8. yes, reinstall your windows there is no way to repair it.
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