Crysis 2 - 4870x2 - 2 red lights

Hi all, firstly id like to apologise for any errors or mistakes that I may make as this is my very 1st post and id also like to thank anyone in advance for reading my post.

Basically im having major problems playing Crysis 2 with the v1.1 patch. What happens is that I get past the intro to the submarine part and 1 of my graphic card shows up 2 red lights and my computer freezes which requires a hard reset and then works fine. The 2 red lights are
D5 (R323) GPU-1 (Master) No power
D7 (R570) GPU-2 (Slave) No power.

Iv tried playing the game with and without Crossfire but makes no difference. Iv also formatted my pc, checked all cables to both the cards, installed new ati drivers and profiles which include Crysis 2 Crossfire profile, defaulted my cpu to stock, graphic card fans running at 100% but still no joy. Any other game i play are all fine, ie Dead Space 2, Fear 2, Bulletstorm, Test Drive Unlimited 2 - All at Full Settings with V-Sync on averaging 55-60fps.

My rig is
Amd Phenom II x4 965be @4.08ghz (1.487v) stable,
Asus Crosshair III Republic of Gamers motherboard,
2 x Gigabyte HD4870x2 in Crossfire X (1 stock cooler and the other Artic Cooling Accelero Xtreme),
4 gig ripjaws at 1600mhz,
1000watts Coolermaster Powersupply with 6x 12v rails.

Please could someone help me as I honestly cannot think of anything else and its driving me nuts.

Many Thanx and Kind Regards
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  1. any 1?
  2. Try the advanced options utility for Crysis 2 and turn off a few things. Did you run it on High settings ? What resolution do you play at ?
  3. Hi Gman and Thanx for the reply. I will check out the link that you have posted and give that a go. I play all my games at 1920x1200 - monitor iiyama 26" hd (the highest it goes) and iv tried all the different video settings under crysis (low, gamer,extreme etc) but I'm still having the same problem!.
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