Intel d915gux motherboard wont accept geforce 8400gs video card...?

I'm having a problem with my new video card install.
I have a Intel desktop motherboard D915GUX and every time I plug in the Geforce 8400gs card it cuts off the on-board card and I get a psychedelic screen if I plug the VGA into the card, which means I cannot install the drivers.
The drivers will not install without the card being plugged in first :-/

I'm at the end of my tether with this as I have tried every combination of setting and I am no further forward in installing my video card.

Please help....!

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  1. Defective graphics card. Have it replaced.
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply ko888.......:-)

    Just out of a matter of interest when I plug the card it a plug and play type of thing where it asks for drivers etc.....?

    I have never done this before so hence I thought I had blown the graphics card chip up.

    I will send it back to the E-bay seller and let you know if the exchanged item works any better when I get it.

    Thanks again.

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