CPU Cooler or extra RAM to supplement build?

Basically, I gonna have a bit of cash to spend on either a CPU cooler in order to OC my i5 2500k, or and extra 4GB RAM to put it up to 8GB total.

Which do you think will give better performance? If it helps, I'm going to be running stuff like TF2, Rift, WoW, BC2 and the like.
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  1. Overclocking will DEFINITELY give you more performance. Going from 4gb to 8gb barely makes a difference in gaming, whereas overclocking can do a lot.

    I've experimented with 8gb+ myself, and price is not a problem - however I dropped back down to 4gb anyway.
  2. Can you give me tips on OCing then?

    I'm looking at an MSI motherboard, the P67A-G45:

    Does anybody have any experience in OCing with this mobo? Do MSI mobos generally OC in the same way?

    Also, is it a good mobo for OCing an i5 2500k?
  3. Yeah it'll definitely do the trick.

    I OCed a build with a 2500k and MSI P67A-G43 yesterday actually, the G45 should work in the same way... Just push delete on startup to get into the BIOS, click 'Overclocking' (I think thats what the button is called), and play with your settings. Basically, you will change your CPU Multiplier (33x is stock, 33x100mhz = 3.3ghz) to whatever you'd like (40x100mhz for 4.0ghz, or 45 for 4.5ghz for example), and then add a little bit more voltage to your CPU. It's farther down on the same page in the BIOS. You'll probably want between 1.3 and 1.35v for an overclock from 4-4.5ghz.

    There is a bit more to it than that, but that'll get you started. There are TONS of guides to overclocking Sandy Bridge chips out there as well, google a bit if you'd like to learn a bit more.
  4. MSI's P67 mb was at or near the top of the P67 heap in a recent P67 shootout at THG and /or HardOCP if memory serves...
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