How do i reduce power consumption?

Hey i dont really know how much my pc is taking up from my sockets, how do i check this? how do i check how much is taken up, like via software and stuff?

also how do i reduce my computer power usage?

here are my specs

Phenom ii 955 x4
Radeon 6770 xfx 1gb
500gb samsung spinpoint f3
corsair 430W cx
msi 870a-g54

so any tips or anything? I mean my poweroptions are on balanced but i changed it to standby within 15 minutes and screen timeout within 5 minutes...

but i dunno what else to do? i think my pc is powerhungry...
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  1. Unplug the damn thing!
    Do you realize what a foolish Q. you asked?
    Do you have a refrigerator? How do you lower the power on that?
    I bet you never even thought that you should vacuum the coils under the 'fridge every year.
  2. Can help you with power usage - set your hdd to spin down after 5 minutes of no use poweroptions to lowpower - and check that AMD Cool'n'Quiet is running and enabled
  3. BIOS power features enabled.
    Disable unused BIOS feature, firewire etc, will reduce chipset power requirements by a tiny amount but it all helps.
    2. Set Windows power scheme to balanced, but tweak hdd spindown and display off times to 10 minutes and disable screensaver.
    3. Use a Bronze or better PSU.
  4. You can try underclocking and volting certain components such as cpu and gfx card. Setting 2d/3d profiles helps alot. For example you start a game(or any other 3d intensive app), so the videocard recognizes that you're loading a 3D app, therefore ramps the clock and volts up, and if you exit... browse the web or leave the comp idle, it will automatically, yet again downclock and volt your card, thus decreasing its power usage.

    EDIT: Oh i forgot, i read a comment beforehand and saw AMD's Cool'n'Quiet... Same goes for Intel's speedstep, have it turned on..

    Also, keep in mind.. if you spin down your HDD's then you have to spin them up again when you return to use your comp, which means more wear for the HDD's
  5. You have had good answers about reducing your power consumption, and this is not a foolish question in any way. It's a smart question.

    No one has answered your first question however. You can purchase a simple meter that will read how much power you are pulling. It plugs into your socket and you can then plug your PSU into it. It's usually called a Kill-A-watt:

    That will display how much power is being pulled from the socket. That is NOT the same as how much power is supplied by your PSU... because your PSU is not 100% efficient.
  6. +1 to Proximon, that is by far the best way to see what your devices are costing you, and I think you'll find your pc isn't as greedy as you may think :P
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