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Hi all,

OK so new computer.... sounds awesome right? Well... it was then my shiny new graphics card went from Ferrari to Volkswagen and I can't figure out how to fix it. Any advise would be appreciated. Also on a side note my ram is only running at 800mhz instead of 1333

CPU: i5-2500K
Mobo: Biostar TH67+ (intend to replace this part anyway, want an ASUS but they didn't have any in stock.)
Ram: G.Skill Ripjaw 8GB (supposed to be 1333, only getting 800)
GFX: XFX 5870 1gb

Again any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. also drivers are 11.3 for 5870 I've uninstalled and reinstalled 4x with driver sweeper. My brain is shot.
  2. And it was working correctly before? First thing that comes to mind is your PCIe lane is at 4x or something like that. Double check your settings with GPUz.

    Ram probably isn't an issue. If you go into your bios you should be able to change it to 1333.
  3. Yes it's in the x16.

    I'm about to give XFX a call come monday if I can't figure out why the hell this isn't working.
  4. I know it's in a 16x slot, how many lanes are active?
  5. Bus Interface: PCI-E 2.0 x16 @ x16 2.0 I'm assuming, and I mean REALLY assuming that's what you meant. I'm not exactly a pro at this stuff.
  6. Sigh. Why is this a difficult thing? Run GPUz and make sure that its still in 16x mode. Thats all I'm trying to ask about. I know its in a 16x slot that should be running with all 16 lanes, but if the driver got borked then it might only be using one.
  7. To clarify what he is saying, we know its a 2.0 x16 slot, but that slot can run in different modes, including x16, x8, and x4. It it possible it is running in x4 mode. To find out if this is happening download and run GPUz.
  8. Ok sorry about the angry post last night. I was running on negative sleep plus computer problems plus really drunk aggravating room mates. Included is my GPU-z for the 5870 so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Bus interface says its running at 16x, so its not that. Bummer, that was the easy answer. I didn't see anything in there that would say why its running slow, though I did just wake up so perhaps I'm just not seeing it. Other options include weak PSU, clocks dropping due to heat (not likely with a new card) or unstable OC.

    Wait a second, whats wrong with the card? I just realized you never said what it was doing. Whats the problem exactly?
  10. I'm sorry.

    Card will run flawlessly for 15 minutes, after that my frame rates plummet down to about 10-15 in Black Ops, also it's hooked up through HDMI for 1920x1080 and the sound starts getting very, very fuzzy. As far as the PSU is concerned, I doubt it's that. Brand New xfx 750w black edition. Also it's at stock clocks, I'm not comfortable OCing.
  11. Not to bump myself too much here, but also I have all of CCC's settings set to use application where it's available and Performance
  12. Heat? Perhaps it has a faulty fan or something...
  13. Probably. I'll be calling XFX first thing monday morning so they can possibly trouble shoot the card. Unfortunate really, great card when it worked, but I definitely won't be running to the newegg forums to cry about how my first one was an RMA because like I said, when it worked.... it was gorgeous.
  14. Is it only black ops? Perhaps its just a game issue then?
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