FSB & MEM clocks don't add up to core speed

I'm going to try and explain this the best way I can because I've never seen something like this:

I recently pushed my E8400 from 3.4Ghz to 3.8Ghz and everything was going fine. Then all of a sudden my computer starts acting up and starts CHUGGIN in-game (Deus Ex, new one). So I exit, shut down, and go into the bios to find out my CPU reset to stock value (3.0Ghz). HOWEVER, when I check out the FSB and MEM speeds, they are at their overclocked values in the bios. I thought maybe it was just the bios suffering from a hiccup or something so I lower the FSB and MEM down a little and continue to boot. Get to CPUz and it still shows my CPU core at 3.0. But the FSB and MEM there are at their overclocked values (roughly 1400 FSB and 900 MEM).


How are these numbers not adding up? And if my core DID reset back to stock speed, why didn't the other clock values change? Voltage for CPU is just at 1.3v so i'm sure it's getting plenty of power, any ideas?
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  1. Is your computer Throtling down?
  2. hmm maybe reset bios - so all is default - and start over ? and check temps :)
  3. Is there an option in BIOS to reset everything or would i need to flash it? I'm kinda limited in my knowledge of this stuff.

    Temps and all are fine, 45 idle and 52 load with arctic pro 7
  4. there is an option on the last page/tab called reset or load default values.
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