Fresh reformat but no internet connection

hi, i have a windows xp x64, and an x48-ds5 mobo. i recently reformatted it. installed the drivers and all of that but it still wont connect to the internet. it just says limited connectivity. but when i connect my laptop, the internet is fine. i already checked the device manager there was no question marks there and everything was normal.

what could be the problem? please help im really confused now :((
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  1. " it just says limited connectivity. but when i connect my laptop, the internet is fine.

    im really confused now"

    me too !

    I can't see what you're saying the problem is, if you're connecting okay.
    Do you mean you can connect by ethernet cable but not by wireless ? Or do you mean one computer can't connect but another can ?

    Could it be the wireless security password is missing?
  2. sorry for not making that clear. i have a desktop and a laptop. i reformatted my desktop, now it wont connect to the internet. i was just ruling out that my internet is the problem cuase when i connect my laptop to the internet it works.

    so my problem is, my newly reformatted computer wont connect to the internet directly, and wired.

    no router just a freshly reformatted computer that wont connect to the internet that do connect before did the reformat.
  3. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  4. So, the problem is probably connected with the reformat on the desktop and it isn't a wireless issue.

    Have you run the networking wizard ?

    Check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.
  5. i have done those but my computer still wont connect to the internet. :(
  6. You're sure the computer's network adapter is working -- I mean it's listed in Device Manager (not just that there are no yellow flags in Device Manager).

    Test it -- for example, if you can by connecting to a router and see if the Networking Connection in Windows indicates the two are linked. Ditto with connecting the desktop computer to the laptop if you can find a crossover cable.
  7. this computer never had a virus on it before reformatting. no random restars, no errors, i just had too many files and felt that my pc needed a clean up. now it wont connect tot he internet. what could be the problem?
  8. when i right clicked the network adapter in device manager it said. this device is working properly. and yeah i connected it to a router and the socket that i placed it in lit up.
  9. Okay, now try addressing the router's setup screens (see router manual for IP address, user name and password). If that works, the network adapter is working.
  10. To clear limited connectivity problem, it seems that to reset Winsock catalog is the most efficient solution. Do as follows:

    1. Run cmd as administrator

    Start >Search cmd >Right Click "Run as administrator" (Ctrl +Shift + Enter)

    Note that if the User Account Control dialog box appears, click "Yes" to allow the change.

    2. Input netsh winsock reset, press enter.
    3. Restart your computer.

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