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I am doing a rebuild with a older (5 years) corsair CMPSU-550vx 550w atx 12v v2.2 and I am going with a i5 with gigabyte z68 with 8 gigs and Radeon 6870 card with maybe a ssd and another harddrive in a undecided good case, will the above older Power be enough. I think the wattage is ok but the age concerns me. Buying what I need is not a problem, what do you guys think, install with it or buy a new one. My parts should be here Monday so compusa before to get a case anyway, advise please.

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    it will be fine its a good power supply and was built to last a long time there might be a small decrease in performance in 5 years but not enough to be noticeable
  2. Thanks off to find a case...

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