New case now getting fan error on startup

I replaced my stock hp case wtih a Coolermaster HAF. Since the fans are not stock size I have been getting a boot up error stating that the fan has failed and I can push f2 to continue. I tried all of the prompts but can't seem to get to where to modify my fan settings in the bios.

I also tried removing the cmos battery, unplugging all the fans and internal connections as well as pressing the power button for 30 seconds. Then reconnecting it all. With no results.
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  1. when you start the computer were you able to see the fan start spinning?
  2. Upendra09 said:
    when you start the computer were you able to see the fan start spinning?

    All fans are fully functional, the case panel fan is much larger than the stock one leading me to assume that the change in size is a problem... I want to disable it but in the options its not there...
    f1, f2, f8, escape, delete, its not in any of the prompters.

    It was a P6320y HP desktop moved to a HAF Case, and a few modifications...but this error only happened during the case xfer
  3. so when you got your new case didi it come with its own fans and plugs? or did you buy them seperately?

    if the fan was ppart of the case purchase then maybe the connectors between the PSU and the fan might be bad or mismatched
  4. I found this
    HP support
    "If the problem is only a BIOS error, you could enter BIOS setup and see if you have the option to turn off monitoring fans...some have it/some don't."

    It appears Mine does not...

    This is my case Im transitioning slowly to a custom pc, just cannibalizing as I go. Cooler Master Case

    Taking the guts of the p6320y and using them for now. Again upgrade in progress and because the standard case can't house my graphics card.

    The fan in question is the Rear fan in the New case:
    Rear: 140 x 25 mm fan,
    1200 RPM,
    17 dBA

    VS the old fan:

    Sunon KD1209PTS2 80 mm Case Fan

    General Features:
    Black color
    3 x 3-inches (80 mm)
    2400 RPM fan speed
    44.0 CFM maximum air flow
    32 dBA noise level
    3-pin connector

    So it seems my choices are: Do nothing and deal with f2 every log in, get a faster fan, plug the stock fan in and just "hide it" while the new fan gets power from the PSU...or....??? I've looked everywhere and no luck. I'd like to get the message disabled. My pc rungs great and the temp stays cool even when multitasking(movie and wow (on ultra settings).
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