Cooler Master PSU with 20+4 cable connector issue

Hi all,

I have a gigabyte motherboard and a Cooler Master Silent Pro 500w. The mobo has a 24 pin connector and I can get the 20 pin part plugged in and then the extra 4 pins won't fit because of tiny plastic pieces coming off of it (picture attached). There's the additional 12v for the CPU too. So am I only supposed to use the 20 pin + the cpu or should I shove the other plug in above the 20, but it doesn't fit all the way?

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    The 4 pin should lock into the side of the 20 pin connector, do that before putting it in the slot and it should lock into place as a single 24 pin connector.
  2. hunter315, you're awesome! Common sense is not with me today as I just frustrated myself for a half hour on this issue. Thanks!
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