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CPU Fan Error

I recently bought the Asus P8z77 Deluxe board. I have it paired with the INtel core i7 -3770 LGA 1155. I have already updated it to the newest bios and have a fresh windows on my hdd for it. Now, I have a aftermarket cooler that is thje Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo cooler. When I start the computer is goes sctright to bios. The bios says there is a CPU Fan Error everytime. I have moved the fan to the cpu pt place, and various other places and still has the same error.

Also I am conserned that the cpu may be running a little on the hot side. Around 74 F. Is that high? I know for sure the CPU fan was a bit on the tight side.
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  1. make sure the fan is installed properly
  2. You talking about the connection or how it was assembled?
  3. see page 2-24 of your motherboard user manual cpu fan connector is the second from the top and the fan blades should move freely so check if something not restrain it from turning
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    This seems to be a common problem on Asus boards running the EVO. From a cold state, it appears the fan doesn't spin up quick enough before hitting the bios - at which point it's rejected for being below the default minimum 600 RPM.

    Change the CPU fan minimum value to 400.

    Edit: As for the temps, 74F is only 23C which is good.
  5. Wow, awesome thread, I have actually had the same problem with my EVO and ASUS board. Thanks for the info folks!
  6. I feel so dumb. You have to read it as Celcius.........Thank you all.
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