Radeon 6850 or gtx 460 1gb?

Trying to determine the best price/performance ratio video card (between radeon 6850 and gtx 460 1gb).

Are there issues with the current drivers for both cards? And which brand makes the quietest under load card?
I was looking at either XFX, sapphire, or MSI for 6850 -- I want quiet solid state capacitors (no static or clicking sound).

My current specs are:

i5 2400
asus p8p67 LE
4gb kingston hyperx blu 1600mhz
8800gts 320mb

my 8800gts 320mb makes lots of white noise while under load - and I hate it soooo much. I have a antec p180 with three non audible scythe fans. The 8800gts is the only thing I hear from the system under load (I use speakers not headphones)
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  1. I would say go for a 6870. It's only $30 or $35 more than a 6850 and its more powerful than a 460 (for the most part).
  2. I dunno I think the 6850 is a better bang for buck - what brands do you like?
  3. depends on price, usually and avg 6850 is 10% better than 460 1GB
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