Six VGA outputs - need card recomendations

I managed to find a deal on a set of 52" DLP video wall "cubes" removed from a from a government installation. There were 12 in the set, but some had burn-in and other problems, and I've managed to produce a good solid set of 6 by swapping power supplies, data boards and "light engines". They are 4:3 aspect ratio sets with a native resolution of only 800 x 600 and they never had a display controller - each was only ever used with composite video from traffic camera monitoring.

So, I need to find a set of three video cards each with dual VGA outputs to make a display two sets high by three wide. Each card is only going to be driving 800 x 600, so the cheapest card made will have more than enough horsepower - we're not going to game on this. The wall will be used for a composite video input, HD tuner input and DVD playback.

I want to avoid buying more than one set of cards if I can. I'm thinking one AGP and two PCI in an older computer, or 3 PCIe cards in a newer one.

I need solid configuration ability, so I can get a 16:9 aspect ratio on a 2 high, 3 wide matrix of these displays. ATI's system should work OK for my purposes. Again, very low resolution on each set, a total display resolution of 2400 by 1200. and I'd like to show a 1920 x 1080 image on it with black bars, or stretch it a bit to fill.

I changed the title as I had not received one reply.
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  1. I hope I am not violating forum rules by bumping my post, but I changed the thread title to hopefully get more views. I'm sure this is an issue that many posters here have dealt with before and know the answer to.
  2. They has not been a dual-VGA card since the 2000/7000 series if I am not mistaken.
    However, ask for more opinions.
  3. plznote said:
    They has not been a dual-VGA card since the 2000/7000 series if I am not mistaken.
    However, ask for more opinions.

    But don't virtually all VGA/DVI card have analog outputs on the DVI connector that will support a DVI analog adapter? That would functionally be a a dual VGA output, which is all I need.
  4. I have an ASUS EAH4350 sitting here, and I last used it with two monitors with VGA analog inputs when I pulled it out and replaced it with a ATI Radeon AT5700.

    3D performance, gaming, high resolution, high frame rate...none of that means anything in this application. I need three analog outputs that can drive the second lowest resolution ever available at 60 fps. A single 1080i or 480i video input will be scaled up to 2400 by 1200 and spread across a 2 x 3 matrix of 800 x 600 screens. If I'm not mistaken, the cheapest video cards currently available should be able to handle this job.

    My problem is:
    What combination of cheap card will play well together? 1 AGP and 2 PCI, or will I need 3 PCIe cards? I'd like solid software, like the ATI Catalyst software that will allow me to tweak each display's brightness.
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