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I'm thinking of getting a new CPU cooler as the one I have now is the same one I was using in my Phenom1.

The cooler I am looking at does not come with fans and having started researching fans I am wondering if there are some 120mm fans that if used on a CPU cooler rather than in the case might actually cause stress on the cooler mounting. For e.g. the 5000rpm+ fans, especially 2x in push/pull.

I am not looking for cooler suggestions as there are a ton of posts about that already, I am more interested in what to look out for when choosing your own parts.

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  1. There are many 120mm fans suitable for HSF use. Higher speed fans push more air but make a lot of irritating noise. Usually something around 2000 RPM is the max that most folks can tolerate. See the links below for some sources and fan info.



  2. Thanks for the links. I have been looking at the Scythe Gentle Typhoons a lot so I will probably go with two of the 1850rpm version based on what you said.

    I want to put these one the CNPS10X Flex as I like the fact it has a flat copper plate in contact with the cpu rather than the bare heat pipes which I don't think I can be bothered with when it comes to putting the paste on properly. Hopefully that will give me considerably better performance than my CNPS9300 lol.
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