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ok still rocken the asus g73jh but now i need a monitor for it... well an external one i should say.

the monitor it came with is 1600x900 which is right inbetween 720 and 1080. so should i get a 720 32in tv get the fps boost from it and maby be able to turn video settings up a little or go to 1080. im not sure if im going to get the full affect of 1080 from a 32 though.

the card in it is a 5870m which is like a stock clocked 5770 ish give or take some speed.
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  1. Get whatever you want. Personally, I'd always take the higher res screen.
  2. I have a 32"LCD TV 1080 connected to a 5770. I would not buy any 720p LCD to use because of the low resolution. Most games that i play like fallout 3 and new vegas or all COD can run at full HD with everything turned to max. But i restrain myself and do not go with max AA or AF to get higher fps(60) and also in Mass Effect 2 i get above 50 fps in any conditions with all turned up to max.

    If you can i would go for a 1080p display.
    Forgot to mention, you do not need to play at 1080p you can use multiple resolutions. But you can watch movies at 1080p.
  3. 720P is a great resolution, things still look great due to crappy console ports
  4. Yes. But that would be my choice and those my reasons.
    Never said he will have extreme FPS at 1080p. My CPU is a core 2 duo at 3.4Ghz and that also has an impact on performance.
    Possibly the main reason would be to watch movies at 1080p. He has an i3, i5 or i7 inside so that should give good video playback at 1080p.
  5. One more thing, asus made those laptops with 1080p screen resolution as well and with the same components inside. So that should clear any theoretical problems about the resolution. :)
  6. Quote:
    You all know that's the 5870 mobile version for a laptop

    ..... which puts the mobile 5870 3 tiers below in performance from the desktop 5870 ... or roughly that of a desktop 5770 or GTX 460 768 MB

  7. The "optimized for screen resolution" is not accurate. That laptop comes in two versions .... a 1600 x 900 version and a 1920 x 1080 version....so which one would it be optimized for ?

    As the same laptop is offered in a 1920 x 1080 version, this would be the most obvious choice.
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