Where can i get spare parts for a Cosmos S case?

Hello tom's community! long time no see :pt1cable:
Well, im not so sure if this is te correct area for the question, but i have a problem, i need some spare parts for my case, and i cant seem to find any of them online!!!!!
not even EBAY!!
i lost one of the front convers and my side panel is all scratched (thank you cat.....)
Any idea where i can find those¡? :cry:
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  1. Manf website maybe a good place to try?
    Sorry for short answer, mobile net sucks :-)
  2. Ebay or other auctions sites or you can contact cooler master but if you do that I suggest you email them a picture of the parts you seek so they know exactly what you want.
  3. http://www.cmstore.eu/cosmos/ is were I get my spares from
    George wheatley
  4. http://www.coolermaster.com/contact.php

    check there and might be able to help
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