New bios chip for $15.00


I flashed a FIC VA-503+ v1.2a board with the wrong bios...shut down entirely.

Is the bios chip soldered or removable?

Can you sell a replacement?


Alex Perry
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  1. on images of the board that I found online I do not see that the bios chip is in a socket so it is not easily replaced.
  2. just remove the battery to reset the bios
  3. vigilante212 said:
    just remove the battery to reset the bios

    That doesn't work when you corrupt the bios with a bad flash. If your board was super cheap it wont have a socket-ed bios chip.
  4. That board, does in fact, have a socketed BIOS chip. It's along the front edge of the board, in front of the *cough cough* ISA slots. I'm curious though, why are you flashing the BIOS on a Socket 7 motherboard?
  5. You might be able to restore the original BIOS if you saved it as is often the case before installing a new BIOS.
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