Help me choose between these two builds

Hey good people at toms! I've been away from the site for a while working and fulfilling some of my heroic duties around my hometown and whatnot...but onto what is real important right now!

I am planning a build, two actually, and need an honest opinion..please remove all personal biases when helping me choose...we all have our preferences, and favorites, but please take a careful look at the build and offer up some honest opinions...

I am building a new computer...I gave away my old SB build to a relative and have decided to make a new one using a m-atx board... please take a look at the two builds below and let me know which of the two will be better for me! Although I have built computers before my needs have changed, and need something faster and more powerful . I'll be gaming on a 1920x1200 monitor but upgrading to a 3 monitor setup soon for 3d vision surround ...I'm gonna do some heavy gaming ..and there will be times where i do some encoding...I also plan on doing some folding at some, please, critique this build.

i5 2500k processor
Corsair AX 850 psu
Corsair H60
Silverstone FT03
Corsair Dominator 4GB
Corsair 60GB ssd
Asus Maximus iv gene z
GTX 590
WD Caviar black 500gb


17 2600k
Corsair AX 850
Corsair H60
Silvertstone FT03
G.skill ripaws x 4GB
2x MSI GTX 580 lightning
WD Caviar black 500gb
Corsair P60 60gb

Please let me know if I should implement any changes...I'm actually getting good deals on the video cards which is why i dont mind the expense..feed back is very welcome :)
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  1. you dont want the msi board if your gonna sli two 580 as they will work at (16x,4x)
    not sure why you wanna a microatx board i wouldnt suggest that microatx case for either graphic cards
  2. because I would prefer having something smaller to deal's either the smaller m-atx builds or a maximus iv that someone is offering me for 300...but, I wanted to have something relatively small.. the maximus seemed like a good idea..if i decide to sli on the maximus gene-z it will run at 8x no?
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