I5 2400 VS. i5 2500K

I have all the pieces I need for my build except the processor, I have it narrowed down to these two. I Have decided not to pursue getting an I3 because I have been recommended I get an I5 also the 2310 an 2320 are the same price as the 2400, which I don't understand. Here is what I want to do...

1. I want to experiment with overclocking but I'm not going crazy with it and I don't even really want to use anything but the stock cooler and fan. I have never overclocked before but id like to get some experience with it, maybe just do a few hundred MHz overclock. I know the K model has excellent overclock, but it might be overkill for what I want to do. I don't have access to a microcenter so I have to get the cpu from amazon and there is a 30$ difference.

2. I want to do Gaming, starcraft II, rift, WOW, and Diablo 3. I also do internet surfing, watching videos and playing music.

I initially looked at other processors but I've ordered my motherboard so I'm firmly on intel, and trying to decide between different core i5s. What is your best advice?
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  1. the i5-2400 isn't really overclockable. While you can change the base clock, you can only increase it by like 6-8Hz (which equates to something like 180-240MHz max overclock)

    The i5-2500k is completely unlocked. This means you can change the multiplier. From what I've read it is extremely easy to do a basic 200Mhz overclock since all you need to do is change the multiplier. You should be able to do a very small overclock on the stock processor if you aren't using the integrated graphics.

    Either chip will work for the games you want to play (the 2500k will probably be overkill), but if you think you might overclock at all then go with the 2500k.
  2. Get the 2500k it is unlocked.
  3. The 2400 can overclock 400mhz assuming you have a board that can overclock (not counting changing the bclk). But you will still be limited by the normal turbo method which means a highest of 3.4ghz on all cores, 3.8ghz on one core. This isn't even getting your feet wet as all you have to do is change the multiplier and you're done. 2500k is $30 more so isn't much for an unlocked multiplier. SB overclocking is quite easier imo so wouldn't be hard to get around 4.5ghz though you'd want an aftermarket cooler.

    I'd suggest making a thread in the new build section so we may help you pick parts.
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. I already picked the parts, I am moving some things over from my current pc, my new pc will have...

    Old Stuff

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    750 GB 7200 rpm Hitachi HDD
    GTX 460 768 MB
    SB XFi Fata1ity edition

    New stuff

    ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 Motherboard
    8gb Gskill Ripjaws X (1.5v 8-8-8-24)
    Raidmax Hybrid 730W power supply
    Antec 300 Case
    Intel Core I?????????

    I am wondering too if I should go cheap on the processor and drop in an Ivy Bridge as this board is supposed to be Ivy Bridge compatible. So far, everything I have read is spend the extra on the 2500K. I don't really understand how the overclocking works on a 2400 and I feel like a lot of people are confused because you get mixed opinions on it. I am not sure I want to mess with voltages and stuff, but id like to do some overclocking so I know how to.
  5. Still it is only $30 more and if you ever change your mind, you have the option to OC. The i5 has plenty of power to handle high end gpus so getting a cheap SB then switching to IB seems like a waste of money. Gaming would benefit much more with better gpus.

    Raidmax isn't a very good company, I would recommend a different psu. 650w is enough for sli 460, but you'll need a psu with 4 pcie connections.
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