Please Help - PC Just Stopped. Won't even boot to Bios

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me here.

I'm running a Windows 7 64 Bit system which has been working great for 2 years.

Today however the machine just locked up. The screen was displaying fine but no error message, keyboard and mouse both dead.

I hit the reset switch and the machine started to reboot.

After about 10 seconds it just turned itself off.

I tried booting again but it did the same. No beeps or anything.

I can not even get to setup/f2 bios screen. Nothing displays.

So i then tried the following.

- Tried to boot off a DVD. Nothing
- Removed the video card and plugged in monitor to the onboard graphics. - Nothing.
- Removed the hard disks - Nothing
- Removed the memory. This time when I booted I got a long series of beeps. I assume this is because it could not detect the memory.
- I put the memory back in. Beeps stopped but still would not boot or display the bios.

Any suggestions as to what to try next? or what the problem might be?

Powe Supply or Motherboard are my guesses but I can't work out how to test them.

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. You can remove the board battery for one minute with the power supply unplugged, then reinstall and try rebooting. IF that does nothing, then I would borrow or get another power supply to try. Could be either the ps or board; you can test the ps with a simple meter, but I've never done it. I usually have a spare ps handy for emergencies.
  2. Thanks. I've just ordered a new PSU as it now won't even power up the PSU :)

    So I think we found the culprit. Just hope it didn't fry anything on the way out :)
  3. Depending on which PSU, (check PSU website) But Corsair for instance gives you a paperclip test, black and green with paperclip will powerup PSU.
    Worth a test?
  4. That's on the 24 pin by-the-way.
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