600$ Budget for NEW parts

Hello everyone I have a 600$ budget and I need help one building my new system but first the 600$ is going towards a few things & not all.

This is a gaming intensive system & I love to play games on max settings with little to no lagg
- Resolution I play @ 1920 x 1080

What I need help finding is:
- Motherboard
- Power Supply
- Graphics Card
- Case

All for 600$ & Under before shipping.
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  1. Any parts preferences? Or websites you normally buy from (Newegg, Tiger Direct, Amazon, etc) ?
  2. t3chnique said:
    Any parts preferences? Or websites you normally buy from (Newegg, Tiger Direct, Amazon, etc) ?

    Definitely NewEgg.

    I wouldn't mind Intel CPU but a AMD is fine as long as it fits my budget.

    Nvidia GPU's, Motherboards don't matter with the preference as long as its a fit for gaming, cases doesn't matter aswell as long as it has enough venting for the chosen items.

    Power Supply 500 Watt & Up.
  3. Help?
  4. I'm not sure how much multitasking you do or editing, rendering you do but this is a pretty decent build with an i3 (dual core).




    Core i3-2100/H61/4GB/1TB SuperCombo- $343
    Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU- $50 w/ promo code
    MSI GTX 460 1GB- $180

    Total: $573 before shipping and rebates.

    If you need more cores, AMD is probably the way to go.

    Do you live near a Micro Center? They have great prices on Intel CPUs and motherboards, much better than anything you can find online...
  5. ^^^^ could not agree more under the circumstances. Chances are you'll have to settle for 6870/6850 if you need Ram/HDD
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