Upgrade from i5-2410m to i7-2630qm possible?

I need help figuring out if a laptop with an i5-2410m can be upgraded to an i7 mobile quad core (i7-2630qm in particular). All I know is that both CPUs share the PGA988 model, but leaves a few other details behind. The motherboard has an H65 chipset.

Here's a direct comparison of the i5-2410m and i7-2630qm from Intel's site:

Here's the laptop:
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  1. Anyone?

    I suppose here's evidence that both 2nd gen mobile i5 and i7 (at least for the CPUs I have my eye on: 2630qm/2720qm/2820qm) have the same socket:
    Those extra socket letters make me a bit nervous, looking at Intel's site...
  2. All the Sandy Bridge CPUs use the same sockets and their chipsets have overlap. Have you had any success with your above plans? I'm interested in purchasing a $280 laptop with the Celeron B800 and HM65 Express chipset and swapping in a $170 i7-2630qm.

    The socket and chipset should work, but I'm concerned about i7 systems always listing a 10W higher TDP. I don't know if this would prevent the CPU from booting up or if it would just crash when Turbo is enabled.

    Ehh...I guess I'm wait until the Ivy Bridge 22nm CPUs are out. Then I'll pick up a $250 Celeron B800 laptop and buy a Sandy Bridge i7 for $200 and have a $450 beast of a machine.
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