Asus p8z77-v deluxe and i5 3570K not starting up - please help

Good morning everyone,

I just purchased parts to build a nice gaming rig and I built it all up last night. This is my second build ever but first in about 5 years so I have some experience but not a whole lot. Much to my disappointment, it did not start on the first couple of tries. After some self trouble shooting, I was still unable to figure out what I had done wrong. Maybe someone here can help?


asus p8z77-v deluxe
i5 3570K
corsair tx750 power supply
evga gtx570 graphics card
2x 8gb sticks of DDR3-1600 RAM


Plugged everything in and screwed it all down in my case. Turned the sucker on and nothing happened. The LED's on the Mobo light up but no fans start spinning or anything. It does not seem like there is power going to any of the parts. I checked the two ATX plugs from the PSU to the mobo and they seem fine (the LED's are working). I thought it was also interesting to note that the PSU fan has not come on (not sure if that is important).

My only two thoughts at this point are--perhaps I have a faulty mobo or PSU? I am thinking its not the PSU since the LED's are coming on. I took out one of the sticks of RAM to see if maybe it was a faulty stick of RAM and it did not change anything. Even then, I would not think this would cause the whole system to not even turn on.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Check the PSU for the ON/OFF switch ....

  2. Plugged PSU directly into powerstrip all my other electronics run through. Used the on/off switch so I don't think it is that.
  3. U are using stand-offs, right?

    Any LED is on the mobo?

    Monitor doesn't turn on at all?
  4. Yup using standoffs in a standard ATX case. I suppose I could take it out of the case to make sure that the mobo is not DOA but that would be a lot of unscrewing all my hard work! No monitor, no nothing. The CPU fan doesn't even start spinning up. The manual power and reset switches on the mobo turn on (the LED inside them at least) but do not do anything.
  5. CPU fan is not spinning?
  6. Check the 24pin and 8pin and the CPU fan connector too.
  7. Does any LED on mobo turn on?
  8. Checked the 8 and 20 pin power cables. They seem fine and both are securely connected. Same deal with the CPU fan. I connected it to the CPU_FAN 4 pin connector on the mobo and not the CPU_OPT as I assumed this stood for optional for after market fans that need more power.

    Two LEDs come when I turn on the PSU. The physical power button and reset switch on the mobo light up but do not do anything.
  9. OK, no LED on mobo even blinked?
  10. I would try another PSU.

    Are u starting the PC with the power button?

    Make sure its connected the right way. It sounds all connected the right way to me.

    I think it is a PSU.
  11. And if u will remove the GPU card, try to use the iGPU and the HDMI on the mobo.
  12. check the cable from the front of the pc (io port) is connected correctly, it shold be marked pwr and be a small two pin connect. use the motherboard manual for correct installation.
  13. Figured it out and got it up and running. It turns out that the I/O port cover was pushing the mobo back a bit into the case. This caused the atx mounts in the case to not exactly line up with the holes on the mobo. When I screwed it down it must have been shorting the system some how. Everything seems to be working now. I am installing windows as I type.

    Thanks everyone for all the help!
  14. That is why u try the dry run out side of the case to see if it works : )

    I thought it was shorting somewhere, that's why I asked for the standoffs.
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