Asus hd6870 problem help please!!

I just bought asus hd6870 for my new pc. I am running a msi 890 g65 micro atx mobo and it comes with a hd49 series. I installed the gpu and i installed the drivers but my computer is not recognizing the new card. is there a place i can see how is properly installed? or anyone can help figuring it out my problem. Do i have to connect both pci e connectors from the power supply to it? It has two on the card but when i read the instructions it said not to plug both but the pictures looked useless. Anyone help please. Thanks.
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    Are you sure it says that in the directions? Every card I have ever heard of with two pci connectors on it use them. Watch this, it will help it tells you all the steps.
  2. Yeah the directions were helpless. It had three different pictures that look nothing like my card. But I did plug both of the connectors from the psu and it worked. Ha simple noob mistake. I am semi new to all of these. Thanks for your help.
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  4. I am glad that I could help you out with this. I got my gtx 460 from asus and had to look online to figure out how to get it setup also since they include almost no directions in the box.
  5. Yeah it was a pain for a bit but it was a simple fix. Thanks again.
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