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Ok so I've decided to scrap the Phenom II build and wait out another month for a "better" PC.

Here is my plan so far, split into 2 pieces: Reasoning/plans and build/specs.


case -Love the design and have planned to compensate for the currently somewhat poor cooling.

Fans - Keeps noise down to 19dBA whilst providing 69.69CFM per fan (348.45CFM)
Noise similar rate to two 200mm fans whilst also providing much more cooling than the stock 200mm x2 on the case, or significantly more than 2 megaflows + a 120 on the back. Also cheaper than 2 megaflows!

Fan Controller - Allows Speed alteration and temperature monitoring, warning if temp. flares!

Mobo - Looks great, seemingly performs great. Gamer board, great reviews. Price:Performance = win.

CPU - Currently the best gaming CPU, Great Price:Performance. Great OC with the Mobo and WC.

GPU - 560 Ti is good, should run all my games at max for now. 570 REALLY that MUCH better?!

SC: Great sound card at a great card, and again gamer designed.

NIC: will reduce LAG, especially due to multiple PCs on the same network, and backgound activities.

RAM: Amazing ram. I doubt anyone disagrees/recommends a diff. one?

HD1: Good hard drive, extremely reliable (a HUGE +) and amazing cache.

SSD: Mainly for quick PC boots. great price and performance. Good reliability-backup on HD1

DD: R/Rw CD/DvD. All that is really necessary

Build Specs:

Case: BitFenix Survivor

Fans: x5
-Front: Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm x2
-Top: Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm x2
-Rear: Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm

Fan Controller: NZXT Sentry 2 5.25"

Mobo: ASRock FATAL1TY P67 Professional

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge

GPU: Asus GTX 560 Ti (**Considering an Asus GTX 570, worth it?**)

SC: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium FATAL1TY Professional

NIC: VisionTek Bigfoot Killer 2100

RAM: Corsair Dominator 8Gb 1600Mhz

HD1: Western Digital RE4 500Gb 7,200 RPM 3.5" SATA III 3Gb/s 64Mb Cache

SSD: Crucial M4 64Gb 2.5" SATA III

DD: Asus CD/DvD R/RW

**Planning to customize the side panel with a window as well as mount a 120mm x3 WC radiator there and build a WC system around the CPU and GPU. Thats a plan for next month.
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  1. Any particular reason to choose an enterprise class hard drive?
    Its performance as a desk top drive might be less than a conventional drive like a WD Black . but I just dont know .
    I suspect the black is a better option for you or WD would be pushing the RE4 for desktop use

    For gaming a sound card is probably unnecessary . Some say it takes some load of the cpu , but frankly the 2500k is so strong that it really doesnt need all the help it can get .
    IMO use the on board sound , and if thats not working for you then go buy the sound card later .
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    Not bad! A few things.

    -Drop the sound card and NIC. Toms did an article a while back showing that NIC didn't really help. That board comes with awesome onboard sound as is. Unless you have a multi thousand dollar sound system, you won't hear the difference.

    I would grab a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB. $50 on newegg right now, will blow past that RE4 speed wise.

    I would also look into the OCZ agility 3 line. Faster than the m4's by alot.

    That's my short list! Hope it helps :)
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