GTX580 SLI hdmi audo problem

Just recently got two 580 and when I play a video I get this weird clicking sound every few seconds. I never had this issue with my 5870s? I have latest drivers, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows what is up?
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  1. Bump

    Please this only happens 15% of the time, but when it does.. it's annoying.
  2. Did you remove/clean the old ATI drivers before installing the NVIDIA cards?

    Go to Control Panel
    On the recording tab....
    - Disable all digital inputs and check if it eliminates the undesired sounds.

    If it does enable the audio inputs at a time and see where it is coming from
  3. Still getting nothing. No ATI drivers installed.
  4. Check each 580 and see which one has the audio problem?
  5. Doesn't look like it's my HDMI it happens on my headset. It only happened when I put two 580s in there. This is lame.

    I have 1000w psu
  6. What is the brand and model of your PSU?
    Did you try each 580 card individually?
    Please list down the details of your hardware and software
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