How much is this PC worth?

I want to sell it, trying to get a laptop.
Its only a few months old.
The prices I put are the current prices I see on newegg as of now.

Uses Window 7 Ultimate (32 bit sadly) - exclude from overall value please 0$

CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II x4 955 processor (4 CPU) 3.2GHz 114.99$

8 GB of RAM (G.Skill Sniper) 83.99$

Motherboard MSI NF750-G55 AM3 R 94.99$

Chassis: Cooler master 99$

Power: 750w Corsair 110$

HDD: 750g 55$ can't find exact one might be this one

Video Card: Nvidia 450 GT 119$

Optical Drive was like 10 dollars Its crap

Say like I put this on E-Bay, How much should I sell this for?
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  1. Given it's only a few months old I'd recommend trying to sell it for 2/3 of it's current cost.
  2. Try selling locally to save yourself the extra cost of shipping which goes against your overall profit. Keep in mind that most buyers will be concerned with warranty and that normally deducts $$ from what your system might be worth.
    My guess is that $350-450 price range at your current config.
  3. Yeah not having a warranty will be a deterent for some folks. Just the fact that it is used you should expect only to get 45-50% of the retail price. Me personally, I wouldn't give you anymore than $350.
  4. Also you could post in something like Craigslist and see if you can trade it for what you want. Not sure what laptop you looking to get.
  5. Ok thanks all, yikes I didn't expect to get only half
  6. Take some good pictures of the PC on, give a good description, make sure to say it's got a valid copy of Windows, and you can probably get around $500 on your local craigs list but don't be surprised when people offer you less. I don't know why you have 8GB of RAM with Win 7 32-bit, honestly.
  7. if it had the 64 bit OS then you can sell it at around 500 bucks on craigslist. people will pay for it, of course those know about computer stuff will offer less. but im sure you can sell it for around 450-500 to a sucker somewhere.

    i learned this trick at my old job. take off half the ram and put it on sale for 450 then offer the extra ram for an extra 50 bucks :D
  8. The Nugget strikes again! OMG u must be a used car salesman :)
  9. Yea I got the OS from a friend, I didn't want to pay for one so I just used it. :(
  10. Cerealkiller45_86 said:
    The Nugget strikes again! OMG u must be a used car salesman :)

    lol kinda, i worked at my bros computer place and learned his tricks on how to sucker in the suckers when it comes to computers. :D
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