Usb problem with my computer...

I have assembled a computer with the configuration
asus p8z68 v pro
i5 2500k
cooler master extreme power plus 500w
msi r6850
ups 600va
1tb seagate sata
2*4gb Corsair vengeance

The one who has assembled it has opened it without any problem and has shown me the bios and have installed windows 7 ultimate.

Now the problem is that when i have opened it in my home and connecting any usb its getting damaged permanently.
Firstly i connected the mouse and keyboard to the front panel and it was not reponding. i thought that the problem might be with the front panel than connected the pen drive to the back panel and again the same result.
This time i connected my joystick to the laptop first it was working fine but when connected to the pc again the same result .
now i am having mouse keyboard pen drive and joystick not working.
and the pc which just opens but i cant connect anything to it not even a mouse and keyboard..
please help....
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  1. please someone answer.....
  2. Best answer's a guess....the USB Headers have been connected to the Firewire headers on the mainboard. That, doesn't explain the back panel though, unless it has messed with the USB drivers due to the mis-connection. Open the box up and have your Mobo manuel with you when you do and trace back the USB leads from the front panel header to where they connect on the board. Check on the circuit diagram in the manuel that it is the USB header and not a IEEE that it's connected to.
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    Or, the USB cable was connected backwards to the motherboard. Some plugs don't have a key-pin, and will allow reverse connection, which would kill devices that are plugged in. If it's single plugs (e.g. groups of 4 or 8 single-wire plugs) you need to double check the order that they were connected to the motherboard.
  4. Thanx the problem was that only it was coneected to ieee 1394...
    and i dont know how but now back panel working fine..
    now i have connected it to the usb one it is giving 5.25v in the front panel but when i am connecting anything its not responding but working fine at the back panel..
    Still thanx alot harna....:)
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