Msi 560ti Twin Frozr Stuttering and Low Fps Help Please

Hey guys I will try and make this short. After posting once 2 days ago in the Nvidia forums I received no feedback, so I am attempting again here. So I recently upgraded from an old ati 4850 to a 560ti hoping it would help my fps in Rift which I now play.Let me say it does in open areas and weakly populated zones, but my issue comes in when I enter warfronts which are battlegrounds in Rift. My fps plummets from 40-50 on high-ultra to 9+ in clustered areas. And although I expect a drop in I don't expect the same performance with a 560 that I had with my 3 year + old 4850. I have tried many things and read up on fixes but nothing help.

Things I have tried:
-Adjusting ingame settings -Low-Ultra, shaders, aa, af etc, nothing seems to help enough to make it stable and smooth.
-3 nvidia drivers including the recent beta ones, 266.44 and 266.66.
-Overclocking my cpu which I stated below (4.2ghz), while it helped, not much.
-Toying with Nvidia control panel, max performance - quality, with pre-rendered frames @ 0-8
-TLB fixes, although not sure it applies to the Phenom 2's

So here are my specs with hope that somebody can help me :(

Phenom II x4 955 Be 3.2ghz Overclocked to 4.2ghz with Hyper 212+
asus m4a evo motherboard
msi gtx560ti twin frozr
4gb g.skill ripjaws
500gb hdd
gx coolermaster 650w psu
windows 7 64bit ultimate
24" Synaps Lcd 1920x1080

Thanks ahead of time guys, would really appreciate some feedback as to what can possibly help me, as I ordered from quite the distance and returning is not an option.
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  1. aren't mmo's cpu bound? why not post in rift's official board then try to compare with other people their. must be a problem with the game itself. a driver update (270) is in beta. you can try that out as well.
  2. it might not be your card. if rift is anything like wow, going into a high pop area or being around a lot of special effects is a HUGE tax on your system.
  3. I did try the 270 version, same deal as the others. I also posted on the rift forums many times, I got the same replies to turn down graphics, to do a fresh install etc and toy around with settings which I have done countless times.

    To reply to you fatsoferret, I realize it will take a fall, but I have friends with 9800gtx's and equivalent cards, and also 1 buddy whom runs with a 5850 and doesn't see dips like I do. I wouldn't mind the fps droppings if it wasn't so choppy at that rate, I just did not expect it with this card, as my 4850 reacted the same with the same fps in clustered spots.

    I know this is something that isn't easily solved, but I just figured I would come see what you guys though on these forums. Perhaps somebody had an idea.

    Anyways thanks for the input so far.
  4. im dumbfounded, i have the same problem in wow in org (big city) my rates sucks, and thats with a GTX 570, tho i know my problem is CPU based. the only thing i can think of for you is the 560ti just doesnt have enough umph to power through the demanding work so you take a frame hit
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