8 or 16 GB RAM

I'm building a new system: Asus P8Z77-V LK i5 and 3750K CPU

I have 8 GB in my current Q9450 Asus P5Q system and it usually runs using 4-5 GB of RAM.

I'm using Photoshoop and Lightroom, no gaming Any reason to bump up to 16 GB, which I ordered, or just stay with 8 GB?

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  1. If you already ordered the 16gb why return it that cost you money to return it
  2. I checked. There would be no restocking fee. The return shipping would be a couple of bucks, saving $47 in possibly excess RAM
  3. If you have monitored the system and you are only using up to 5Gb of RAM at any point, then no. Upgrading will do nothing for you.

    However, if you occassionally load large files or may in the near future that could use mroe than the 8Gb you have available, then yes upgrade.

    If i were you: Unless you need the 47.00 back, throw the memory in and call it a day.
  4. i would just keep the memory
    the prices are just so very cheap now
    and it wouldn't hurt to have 16 gig
  5. Thanks all. Looks like it may be good to keep it at 16 GB. With stitching panoramics, it may be good to have the room, and it's already ordered.
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