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Hey guys,

I'm new to all this but i did some research and came up with a decent build for my new computer that i want to put together. I was just wondering if everything was compatiable, will fit in the case, and whether anyone has some suggestions on how to make it better or save money. I mean save money as in i am not that high tech, i want a good gaming computer, but i probably wont over clock stuff etc. So like i'm thinking my mother board may be a bit of a waste for me because i am not going to do that sort of stuff. However i would like to have the option of SLI/Crossfire in the future. Anyway here is my build, oh and i'm from Aus, so this is Aus dollars.

CPU: Intel i5 2500k = $220
MOBO: ASUS p8p67 Pro V3 = $210
Memory: G Skill 8g (2*4) 1600c9 Ripjaws X = $125
Graphics Card: Asus GTX 570 = $370
Hard Drive: Western Digital Black 1TB = $90
PSU: Antec TPower 750W = $140
Case: Antec 300 = $60
OS: Window 7 home 64 bit = $105
Network adapter: Asus PCE-N13 = $40
Whatever DVDRW = About $30

Total = $1400

I'm getting all my stuff from this place

I'd love to get my stuff from newegg because its cheaper and the aussie dollar rocks at the moment, but i cbf with delivery as costumer service would be hard if a problem came up.

Anyway thats it, i hope i put in everything i needed too.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Good components! I suggest 8 GBs of RAM.
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