i7 920 system used for 1500, good deal?

Hi Guys,

Ok so I'm in the market for a system. If I built new it'd be around a $1100 for an i5 2500k build. I checked online just to see what rigs people were selling used and I have the opportunity to get the following for $1,500 (CAD) (after a few back and forths):

Corsair Obsidian 800d Case
EVGA X58 Classified 3 way Motherboard
Intel 920 Core i7 CPU
6GB triple channel RAM, Corsair Dominator 7-7-7-20
TWO MSI GTX 570 Graphics Cards in SLI
Creative Extreme Audio sound card.
Corsair 850AX gold rated power supply
60GB SSD OS/Program Drive
2x 500GB 7200rpm physical drives in a RAID 0.
All the fans have been upgraded and includes a Noctua SE-14 High Performance CPU cooler.

I know the i5 unlocked is faster than the 920 and IIRC it is prob 4-5% faster, but it has two gtx 570s so gaming (which is the purpose) should be a non-issue. Yes, 1366 is a dead socket so in my mind I count the processor and motherboard together amount to 275. While I'm looking for a gaming rig, I'm not the biggest gamer in the world in the sense that my time is limited and I am basically getting it to buffer me for 4 years or so.

Basically, for 300 more than I would spend new, I get a 2nd good graphics card, a case that will last for ages and some further builds (yes, from my reading the obsidian is more of a WC more-oriented case but he's fixed any and all airflow issues commented on this case), and of course, no taxes/shipping. The warranty on the two gfx cards are transferable.

Thoughts? Any comments would be much appreciated.
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  1. The i7-920 computer looks very much like my home built computer. If you are looking to buy a used computer with the above specs, offer 1,200CAD.

    If you don't get it for 1,200CAD, build your own based on the second generation Intel CPUs (Sandy Bridge).
  2. Its not worth 1500 now and being used I would go with like 900 to 1000 max.
  3. if i were you id build the exact same in the cart @ newegg.com and then add in the factor of being used/dead socket/overrated technology.

    Edit: My cart came out to $2400

    mobo-$269------discontinued/couldnt find the classified
    cpu-$259---------discontinued. used 950 price
    soundcard-60------just used the most expensive extreme card


    Seeing all these factors i would pay $1200-1500. but prices will drop lower as soon as 2010 SB drops. Most of the items are overated imo. you can get ...ram for 100, psu for 169, onboard sound, 212 cooler for 30, case for 149. that saved u $300 right there.
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