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So my computer boots fine but i cant seem to enter bios. the motherboard screen shows up and when i hit the delete key the computer goes to a black screen like its about to enter bios but then it boots windows instead. need some help. is there any way to enter bios after windows has loaded
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  1. You may have to hit another key, instead of the delete key.

    Attempt F11 or any of the F keys during the boot sequence. Watch the screen carefully for instructions, in case it does show what key to press while the BIOS is booting up.

    It might take a while, since there are a lot of F keys....

    If you aren't using a PS/2 or USB keyboard, it won't work either. Bluetooth keyboards require the bluetooth drivers to load before it can be used (Windows).
  2. Not all computers (MBs) use the Del Key to enter BIOS.
    Do you have the computer manual, or can you supply a make/model for the Mother Board.
  3. its a gigabyte z77x u5h motherboard. the key to enter is the delete key because yesterday i was enter in and out of bios. my computer is also booting windows from a ssd
  4. Yes, Also have several gigabyte MB and key is <del> during post.
    The SSD should be a non issue.
    How is the keyboard connected, I'm using a wireless USB keyboard and mouse and have problems on occassions getting into bios (Same-same on wifes low end gigabyte MB). For mine I keep a Usb Keyboard handy and just pug it in if I have a problem getting into BIOS.
  5. problem resolved. i had to use a usb keyboard like you said thanks. on to the next problem i go
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