Windows 7 installer wont detect my ide hdd

i just built a new system and have been trying to install windows 7 on it. i have a 80 gig ide hdd and the bios detects it but when i try to install windows it just says no drive was found please select driver to install. i have tried to do that but cant figure out what ide driver to install. but when i click browse it shows my c: drive but when i click on it i have to format it but when i try to do that it says it cant. my motherboard is a msi 880gm e41.
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  1. Well buddy, you don't want to install on an IDE drive. Trust me on this one, you will hate yourself later.

    Pickup a 500GB Sata. The seagate barracuda is $40. If you can't spare $40, then I suppose it's a bios setting.

    But seriously, buy a new HDD.
  2. I agree with stiker410. An 80G drive on a windows 7 system will severely limit how many aplications or games you can run. You'll just run out of space.

    I had a Windows XP computer a while back with a 40 gig drive and I couldn't even run World of Warcraft on it. Windows 7 uses well over twice the HDD space so you will have maybe 60G left with nothing else installed but the operating system.
  3. Not only would it be space limited, but it would be VERY slow.
  4. Completely agree -- not only is 80GB too small and going to be painfully slow, but my guess is it's probably also an old drive, which means you're rolling the dice every day that it's going to last much longer. You do NOT want to start out a new system with a 5-year-old hard drive as your primary.
  5. yea i was just in my cheap mode i got it to work but it was sow. very slow. and so i went out to best but becuase i didnt feel like ordering a hdd online and picked a 500 gig sata 2 for 50 bucks.
  6. Enter BIOS and make sure the hard drive is set to NATIVE IDE mode

    also make sure any other IDE devices are set to be slave with their jumpers and the HDD to master

    But agree with the others ... you will regret it
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