Asus Rampage IV Extreme: Your Thoughts and Opinions

What are your thoughts and opinions on this motherboard?

I know it is essentially an overclocking motherboard. But, I want to know your personal experience both pros and cons from the community here. I would also like to know if there are other features that you wanted or didn't want. It's for my future setup. I would also like to know if anyone has an audio card and has compared it to the onboard sound (if you don't have an audio card it's okay).
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  1. That mobo is good for everything. But why would you go for that costly build. For gaming, no need to go for that powerful build.

    You can always spend money for gfx/ssd for ultimate gaming performance with i5-3570k/i7-3770k.
  2. The question is not about money. It's the experience of using it is what matters. Even if it is not for gaming.
  3. As i said, the mobo is great for everything. Its thermal solution is great for ocing. Also its pcie support is great. It is a toms approve product against EVGA:,3177-18.html

    Those are pros and the cons is i cant afford a great broad like that.
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