Which Radeon 6850 manufacturer?


I'm curious which manufacturer has the quietest PCB board?

I have a 8800gts 320mb EVGA manufactured and the circuitry is extremely noticeable under load (buzzing, whirring etc).

I want to upgrade to something that has a quieter PCB board. The non reference design 6850's look like they'll have a quiet fan, but which one will have the quietest PCB board?
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  1. My guess is the MSI Cyclone, they go out of there way to advertise their non-buzzing ferrite chokes and military class components or whatever, but it's just a guess I don't know where you would find research on noise levels of the PCB independent of the coolers.
  2. XFX Play Hard........
  3. GIGABYTE, MSI, XFX or Sapphire
  4. I have a HIS (kind of the cheapy version as I understand) that it only a couple days old but is super quiet (I was pleasantly surprised). I have not overclocked it, but at 7.7 on the windows experience scale I really don't see the need. I play crysis 1 with eyefinity (4800x900) high settings with no problems and no sound.

    Oh, and I only payed $138 from ebay (shipped from newegg)
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