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Ca tv tuner card act like stb

can pc tv tuner card act like set up box
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    can pc tv tuner card act like set up box

    It all depends on what exactly you want the tuner card to be able to do and what your cable provider sends down the coax lines. You can tune to cable TV channels and watch them on your computer if your cable provider does not encrypt the video signals and you have a digital tuner card. You can tune to encrypted channels if your digital tuner card has a CableCARD slot and you can get a CableCARD decrypter module from your cable company. You can set up the tuner card in an HTPC to act as a DVR/set-top box in the fact that you can point the remote control at the computer and get video to show up on the monitor/TV. Anything is technically possible if you have the right parts. We can help you to do what you want to do if you tell us what you want to do with the machine.
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