Upgrading Laptop memory , Need some advice

Hi friends , I just joined the forum to ask this question. I Have HP Compaq 420 Laptop , it have 2gb memroy , brand is "kingston hp" but I wanna upgrade it by another 2gb ram , thing is i cant spend too much money for this ,

I found this ram - Kingston ValueRAM SO-DIMM DDR3 PC10600/1333MHz CL9 SR X8 2GB (KVR1333D3S8S9/2G) , but its SR(single rank ) , is it good to use single rank memory ? , what do you guys think about this ram ?

these are the current Specs of the Laptop memory installed

Memory Brand - 2GB Kingston HP

Memory type: 204 Pin SO DIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz

Slots / banks: 2 (1 slot free)
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  1. Compaq 420 RAM Specifications

    Standard Memory 2GB (Removable)
    Maximum Memory 4GB
    Memory Expansion 2 Sockets (2 banks of 1)
    Memory Comments PC3-10600 DDR3 204pin SDRAM SODIMM Memory.

    It should work fine.

    Where are u buying?

    Post link.
  2. There;s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that ram...in fact it's usually considered to be "Faster" than dual ranked ram!

    See here for the explanation


    (The number of ranks on any DIMM is the number of independent sets of DRAMs that can be accessed for the full data bit‐width of the DIMM ie 64 bits. The ranks cannot be accessed simultaneously as they share the same datapath. The physical layout of the DRAM chips on the DIMM itself does not necessarily relate to the number of ranks. Sometimes the layout of all DRAM on one side of the DIMM PCB versus both sides is referred to as "single‐sided" versus "double‐sided". These terms may cause confusion as they do not necessarily relate to how the DIMMs are logically organized or accessed."

    "Generally Single Rank Memory is faster than Dual Rank Memory, in laymen’s terms when a computer accesses Single Rank Memory it only has to go around the track once, where are Dual Rank it would have to go around the track twice.")

    It's still Kingston...even if it's labeled as "value ram" ...I've never had a single issue with Kingston ram period.

    I usually use Kingston HyperX...as in that's the ONLY ram I've purchased from newegg in 10+ years of building rigs from scratch..Not one bad stick ever...that's NOT to say they don't have a bad stick here and there...Every manufacturer has some...I've just NEVER had one!:)

    I would tell you to go right ahead and enjoy the ram...it's got one of the Industries leading Ram Manufacturers backing it up with excellent warranty as in "Lifetime" as seen here:


    The following Kingston products are covered by this warranty for life:

    Memory modules including ValueRAM, HyperX and Kingston system specific memory, Flash memory cards (e.g. Secure Digital, CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard, SmartMedia) ATA Flash, and Linear Flash; memory expansion-boards, networking adapters; routers, hubs and switches without cooling fans (excluding the power supply), Flash adapters and microprocessor upgrade products.

    I believe that covers it for a lifetime:)

    Good Luck my friend...hope this helps!
  3. ^ i heard that , using dual channel memory is faster than single channel , i currently have a dual channel supported ram , if i buy ram with out dual channel support both rams will work as single channel , so i wont get the advantage of using dual channel ram , read somewhere that we will get 7% performance increase in dual channeling , thats what my problem is , Is it worth to search for dual channel supported ram to get this performance increase or doesn't ?
  4. U will not be able to tell any difference at all : )

    Benchmark program will notice that, but not you, especially not in the laptop.
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