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I recently had my laptop stolen. I am from the states traveling abroad. Anyways, I located the same laptop here in the small town that it was stolen from, except everything had been wiped clean. Even the time reel only went back three weeks (the laptop was stolen three months prior). Is there a way they can give this computer a new serial number? I know it is my computer, but they rubbed off the stickers underneath. Is there anyway for me to identify the unit. I have all the info. on it...
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  1. If you have the MAC address for your network adaptor that is like an electronic serial number that is hard wired into the network cards. The wireless and ethernet cards will both have one.

    All you have to do to display it is to open CMD.exe (dos window) and type: ipconfig/all

    I don't know where you would have it written on paper/manuals etc. You can almost certainly get a record of it from your ISP or manufacturer if you explain your situation and provide some sort of proof of purchase.

    Good Luck.
  2. Serial number is also built into the bios. I forgot which function key you can press to display it at bootup which is only supported by some units.

    You can try their detection tool but if you had reported it stolen I would have an officer with me in case they say they won't let you run it.
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